What happens if you need to use the restroom?
In most cases we simply ask guests to visit the restroom before their flight. If it is an extended meal/flight we might all take a break between courses, just like one might at a regular restaurant. Otherwise: you ask where they are to the waiter and… we go down. It’s just a bit less discrete because the whole table goes down but it takes less than a few minutes

Is the event weather dependent?
Yes, strong wind or lightening will effect our events. We monitor the weather conditions in the week leading up to your event, and if they prove to be too bad to operate on your desired date, we will inform you usually 48hrs ahead.

What is the minimum age to attend an Event in the Sky ?

Dinner in the Sky is not age restricted, in order to secure you safely in your seat you must reach the minimum height of 1.2m. Children who do meet the height requirement must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. Dinner in the Sky also practices responsible service of alcohol at all times.

How many people can sit around the table?

Dinner in the Sky can seat a maximum of 22 people per session

Is it safe?

Dinner in the Sky is approved by Australian Safety Standards and is European Union and our Australia, New Zealand and Japan businesses are ISO 31000 certified. In more than 10 years and over 56 countries we have a 100% safety record.

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