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Events in the Sky is a specialized events company, creating unique event experiences at height. Operating in Australia since 2008, Events in the Sky Pty Ltd is part of the global Dinner in the Sky Group with partners in 50 countries worldwide. Events in the Sky Pty Ltd is the exclusive owner and operator of Dinner in the Sky (TM) in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.

The Dinner in the Sky unique dining phenomenon, has operated for 11 years worldwide, and has a 100% safety record, thanks to rigorous build, operational and compliance standards.

Events in the Sky offer both public events as well as private hire for corporate and individuals.


We create unique, once in a lifetime experiences. We do this by suspending our sky table 50 meters in the air, from a crane, to create an event platform to engage audiences. The table seats 22 guests (per sitting) with head chef, sommelier and waiting team serving from the pop-up kitchen in the centre of the table in the sky.

Guests are made safe and comfortable in their seats before the table is raised up to 50 meters and their gourmet experience begins.

Incomparable, Sensational, Unforgettable, Fascinating, Captivating, Fabulous Just some of the words that have been used to describe us by our clients, guests and media.

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In Australia, Dinner in the Sky is operated as a 'pop-up' or exclusive dining series. Dates, Details, Chefs and Menus are regularly announced.




Over the 11 year history of Dinner in the Sky, hundreds of chefs, providors, producers, growers and artisans have joined our staff and guests in the sky.

Literally 100's of Michelin Starred Chefs, TV Chefs and Accredited industry leaders have presented, prepared and taken this elevated venue to the heights of cuisine, presentation and professionalism in their craft.

The delivery level of Dinner in the Sky is a curated set of factors, according to themes and textures.... like season, culture, cooking styles, ingredients, traditions and celebrations.

Named or Media chef, or young gun, or great craftsman in a particular process or specialty, our chefs all have a particular strength....a willingness to try something different, an openness to showing how they work and their technique, and a desire to communicate, entertain and educate their guest

Pardon the pun... but; above all, the opportunity to witness a chef at work, outside of their normal service format, directly engaged with the guest and supporting staff, is a rare and enriching privilege, especially when charged with the heightened sensory awareness of being suspended in the sky.

Last night was magical! Kudos to all of the staff and crew who were so friendly and efficient, I had no qualms about our safety whilst dangling 50m about the ground at all. The pre-flight canapes were a delicious lead in to the 4-course meal served later, the wine’s on offer were superb. From start to finish, the whole evening was a wonderful experience.
— One of our recent guests, March 2017






TWEED / GOLD COAST    January 2019


SYDNEY         January 30 -February 18, 2019


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